Evelyns Cafe Bar, Manchester

I haven’t written anything for a while, partly down to laziness and partly because I haven’t felt the desire to review anything. That is until the other day.

I’ve actually visited Evelyn’s twice in the past week – an unhealthy obsession is forming with the place and I can’t remember the last time I actually LOVED somewhere so much that I wanted to return so often.

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Paper Towns Film Review

Based on the best-selling novel by author John Green, Paper Towns is a coming-of-age story based on the friendship between Quentin (Nat Wolff) and Margo (Cara Delevingne) who loves mysteries so much she becomes one.

After befriending Quentin at a tender young age after moving in across the street from him, Margo becomes infatuated with all things cryptic.

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Wine Tasting – Salut Wines, Manchester

We have wanted to try wine tasting for absolutely ages, but opportunities for wine tasting in Manchester come few and far between. Luckily, Joelle decided to go and try out a wine bar hidden away in Manchester City Centre, and I received a text from her to tell me they were offering a wine tasting session in a few weeks. WINNER.

Naturally, we jumped at the chance, and for £20 a pop, it turned out to be an absolute bargain as well as a really enjoyable night.

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The Skriker – The Royal Exchange, Manchester

The Skriker by Caryl Churchill is one of many performances as part of Manchester International Festival which took place a few weeks ago. The Skriker has been continued throughout July, until it closes on August 1, and is definitely anything but ordinary.

I’m not a regular theatre goer, musicals are more my thing; but when one of my old housemates suggested we took a trip to see this fantastical play, I wasn’t going to say no.

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Krka National Park, and the Near-Death Mountain Climb

The long-anticipated Sunday had finally arrived, and we were off on our first and only booked excursion of the week. We booked through an agency online before our arrival, and prepaid a couple of days prior to the excursion at the Portal Travel Agency offices, conveniently around the corner from where we were staying, and more or less in the walls of Diocletian’s Palace.

The excursion was yet another aspect of the holiday which was so reasonably priced and cost us approximately £42 each for the entire day, including transfers and park entry.

We hopped on the coach a little bleary eyed thanks to the early start, to be met with the HAPPIEST coach driver and tour guide I have ever met. WHO is that happy at 8am on a Sunday morning?

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Brač, Crazy Americans, and a day in Split

Following our day in Makarska, we decided to venture across the water to explore one of the many islands accessible from Split.

Supetar in Brač is one of the closest islands in proximity to Split, and takes a little under an hour to reach by boat. Tickets are available from a hut situated at the end of the pier in the harbour, and cost a very reasonable 45 kuna (£4.50) one-way.

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Makarska: Nuns Take Over the Beach

On arrival to Split, and having undergone some SERIOUS patience testing from a number of small children on a coach, we checked into our gorgeous apartment.

For anyone contemplating a visit to Split, I highly recommend Split Inn Apartments. Our ‘studio’ apartment consisted of a huge double room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and balcony – not very ‘studio’ but definitely a nice surprise.

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Croatia: An Overview

Although it seems like a lifetime ago, my better half Joelle and I have just returned from a week in Croatia. We crammed so much into such a short week that I have chosen to break the holiday up into a multitude of blog posts and pictures – you lucky things!

Croatia consists of over a thousand islands and islets (I didn’t even know that was a word until I visited) with the Adriatic Sea bordering the west side of the country, and five different countries bordering the East, including Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro and most notably Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Common – NQ, Manchester

For those who regularly frequent the Northern Quarter in Manchester, you’ll have realised that Common has very recently undergone an extreme transformation. For those who have never been to Manchester before, well, you should.

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An open letter to Katie Hopkins

I met Josh at a journalism graduate fair at my former, and his current university. He struck me as confident, and outgoing and very quickly began asking questions about his chosen career path, making the most out of his time at the graduate fair. He clearly has ambition, and this letter is perfect proof of the kind of writer Josh is: eloquent, to-the-point and game-changing. Congrats on the success of this letter Josh, it is well deserved.


Dear Katie,

Earlier today it came to my attention that you had tweeted your opinions about depression – the biggest mental health issue that faces this country, bar your ignorance.

Many believe that the opinions you spout are nothing more than a cry for attention much like when a dog defecates for the attention of its owner, which ironically is a form of separation anxiety.

When I read your tweets I was not surprised that you had decided to shit on the floor in the hopes of a reaction – Something you have done many times and will probably continue to do until you fade away into obscurity.
Unfortunately this is not the Big Brother house so you cannot be voted out and we cannot turn you down as you did to Lord Alan Sugar – because, like a bad smell you return to fill the nose of society with…

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