Common – NQ, Manchester

For those who regularly frequent the Northern Quarter in Manchester, you’ll have realised that Common has very recently undergone an extreme transformation. For those who have never been to Manchester before, well, you should.

I’m writing this review partly to stick a middle finger up to the numerous bad reviews I’ve read about Common over the past week, and partly to share the very pleasant experience I had whilst there. Continue reading


An open letter to Katie Hopkins

I met Josh at a journalism graduate fair at my former, and his current university. He struck me as confident, and outgoing and very quickly began asking questions about his chosen career path, making the most out of his time at the graduate fair. He clearly has ambition, and this letter is perfect proof of the kind of writer Josh is: eloquent, to-the-point and game-changing. Congrats on the success of this letter Josh, it is well deserved.


Dear Katie,

Earlier today it came to my attention that you had tweeted your opinions about depression – the biggest mental health issue that faces this country, bar your ignorance.

Many believe that the opinions you spout are nothing more than a cry for attention much like when a dog defecates for the attention of its owner, which ironically is a form of separation anxiety.

When I read your tweets I was not surprised that you had decided to shit on the floor in the hopes of a reaction – Something you have done many times and will probably continue to do until you fade away into obscurity.
Unfortunately this is not the Big Brother house so you cannot be voted out and we cannot turn you down as you did to Lord Alan Sugar – because, like a bad smell you return to fill the nose of society with…

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