The Boy Next Door

Directed by Rob Cohen (The Fast and the Furious, Stealth), ‘The Boy Next Door’ is advertised as a thriller, though this fact is definitely debatable.

Starring Jennifer Lopez as Claire Peterson and Ryan Guzman (Step Up Revolution, April Rain) as Noah, the film tells the story of a handsome teenager (Guzman), who moves in next door to newly separated high-school teacher Claire.

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BRIT Awards 2015

Last night, the 38th BRIT Awards took place at the infamous O2 in London, and wasn’t it just…eventful. From Kanye’s terrible *audio mute* performance to Madonna falling backwards off the stage, the BRITS never seem to be a smooth affair.

Hosted by Britain’s most loved TV presenters – Ant and Dec, the awards show kicked off with a bang assisted by none other than Taylor Swift. I’m not even ashamed to say it – I love Swifty, and as per usual her performance was spot on.

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Florence & The Machine – What Kind of Man

Finally, after almost a four year hiatus – Florence and the Machine are back, and boy am I glad. Zane Lowe premiered the groups new track – ‘What Kind of Man’ on Radio 1 last night, and unveiled the name and release date of the long awaited album – ‘How Big How Blue How Beautiful,’ which will be released in the UK on June 1, 2015.

‘What Kind of Man’ is everything we love about Florence and the Machine, and more. The haunting vocal from Florence Welch claims the identity of the track almost immediately, though it is clear that the group have opted for a more powerful classic rock sound, with searing guitar riffs to complement Welch’s commanding yet chilling vocal.

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The Lion King – Palace Theatre, Manchester

The Lion King first opened in Manchester two years ago at the Palace Theatre, after a much anticipated wait.

This year, The Lion King has returned – and for over a month will be dominating the stage at the Palace once more for us lovely Northerners.

I personally, have loved the Lion King for as long as I can remember, and the point at where Simba’s dad dies still brings tears to my eyes…probably more now than it did when I was a kid. The emotional turmoil that scene has put myself and millions others through is unbearable to think of. “Wake up dad…”

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Calvin Harris ft. HAIM – Pray to God

This unexpected collaboration between Calvin Harris and HAIM works…OK, for two artists so different from one another.

Initially, the production sounds similar to the majority of HAIM’s tracks with gorgeous vocals and an 80’s soft rock sound, and it’s difficult to pick up where Calvin Harris has inputted into this track for the first minute or so. The chorus however, brings out the familiar EDM beat and electric guitars which seem to resonate in much of Harris’ production.

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Thomas McConnell – Crocodile

Thomas McConnell is a 21-year-old singer/songwriter based in Liverpool. His lively pop/rock sound will transport you back a few decades, to when the Beatles and The Rolling Stones were taking over the world.

‘Crocodile’ is an edgy upbeat track with an extremely catchy guitar riff throughout, an intelligent backing vocal, and a distinctive sound. The production is crisp – especially for someone who is relatively new to the music scene, and if this track is anything to go by, McConnell should have a long career ahead of him.

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The Theory of Everything

For those who aren’t yet aware, ‘The Theory of Everything’ is a film based on the famous relationship of physician Stephen Hawking, and his wife Jane.

Directed by James Marsh (Man on Wire, Shadow Dancer), the film maps their entire relationship, from their first meeting to the eventual breakdown of their love. The film is expertly written to allow the viewer to travel along with Stephen and Jane, as Stephen’s health deteriorates, while his career flourishes.

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Tchami – Promesses

Since doing some background research, I’ve found that this song has been hanging around for the past six months or so, though it’s only recently been released into the mainstream channels.

After the first listen I wasn’t too sure – the vocals didn’t seem to fit the tune too well, and it sounded like a copy of one of the too many house tracks we’ve heard before; but it’s a grower.

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Pride, directed by Matthew Warchus, is a film visualising the movement of gay rights campaigners uniting with a small mining community, to bring equality to two very different groups in society.

The historically accurate depiction of the socialist movement is gripping in a way that makes the viewer feel a sense of anger, hysteria, glee and most obviously- pride, in the space of 120 minutes.

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PVRIS – My House

I thought I’d start the blog off with a band that has really caught my eye, or should I say ears the past few weeks.

Radio 1 is playing this PVRIS song religiously at least six times per day, and with good reason. On first listen, it sounds as though you are listening to Paramore circa 2010. It’s something for the rock/emo kids of the late noughties who are looking for something a little more timid to revert back to their teenage years.

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