BRIT Awards 2015

Last night, the 38th BRIT Awards took place at the infamous O2 in London, and wasn’t it just…eventful. From Kanye’s terrible *audio mute* performance to Madonna falling backwards off the stage, the BRITS never seem to be a smooth affair.

Hosted by Britain’s most loved TV presenters – Ant and Dec, the awards show kicked off with a bang assisted by none other than Taylor Swift. I’m not even ashamed to say it – I love Swifty, and as per usual her performance was spot on.

However, too much went on to sit here and debate about good performances, and last night was all about commending people on their talents, so let’s begin with the bad bits.

Let’s start with Kanye. Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. Oh and Kim, how can we forget Kim? What a pair of buffoons.

Kanye WestKim obviously begged the producers to be allowed the role of introducing her beloved hubby onto the stage – probably so she could keep an eye on him, and so some blonde bombshell couldn’t be given the opportunity. For a woman who spends up to ten hours, yes TEN hours on the phone to her hubby PER DAY when they’re not together, she did a terrible job of hiding how ridiculously obsessed she is with the egotistic clown.

Moving onto the musical performance, if we can call it that. Unfortunately, Rihanna pulled out of her BRITs performance at the last minute, and I assume she was supposed to be assisting/carrying/owning a duet with Kanye to perform ‘Four Five Seconds’.

Alas, Kanye was unfortunately still available, and so the producers allowed him and his ‘homies’ to take over the stage for what was a very cringe-worthy four minutes. Through the lyrics which were actually audible, and his gangster ‘swaggering’ around the stage, I’d say I made sense of no more than ten words. The ‘n’ word was used so much throughout the song that ITV struggled to mute them all and unfortunately let a few slip. I know the performance was before the watershed, and so I understand the need to mute unpleasant words, but so many unpleasant words were present, we spent more than half the performance in silence. Good work, Kanye.

Secondly, Paloma Faith’s slightly over-the-top and lengthy speech. This was the only point during the award show where I was hoping for Kanye West to storm the stage in his customary fashion. We’ll not mill over this for too long, as Paloma was deserving of this award – but love, give it a rest.


And finally, the highlight of the night which came from our Madge. The original queen of pop took quite the tumble after a wardrobe malfunction on stage. Madonna, in all her glory has claimed that her excessive, inappropriate cape was tied too tight and she was unable to undo the cord fastening around her neck. Subsequently, it was whipped away from her, though the fifty-six year old was still attached, resulting in her rather frail looking body somersaulting backwards down some stairs. You couldn’t write this stuff. Personally, I don’t know why she didn’t turn round and indicate to one of the horned Minotaur dancers parading round her, to let them know the cape was still well and truly tied. All the same, like a true performer, she got up and carried on, and she does deserve a pat on the back for that.

Highlights of the night (in terms of actual talent) came from two of Britain’s blue eyed boys. Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith were both superb, and unsurprisingly faultless, while George Ezra was as cute and talented as ever. Royal Blood made their BRITs debut and did a good job while Take That were…ok. Despite her over-the-top speech, Paloma Faith was on form and luckily survived the entire performance without electrocution given the amount of water falling from the ceiling during her performance.

Here’s a look at some more unforgettable BRITs performances, winners and appearances from previous years:


Spice Girls, 1997


Culture Club, 1984



Blur, 1995


Amy Winehouse & Mark Ronson, 2008


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